a cinematic VR-shortfilm

Regi: Duane Hopkins
Produsent: Mer Film
Shooting: TBC 2023

About the project

«The Pub»  is Cinematic VR short film about human reactions as individual and group animals. 

For this project we are looking for people who can act as a citizen in Great Britain hanging out in a pub after work, meaning you have a dialect consisting ex British, Scottish, Irish and other english-accents. Some are to act as people there to watch football, others a group of friends or a group of colleagues, and they have long conversations, some interacting with each other until suddenly a fatal interruption occurs …

Since this is a VR- project with long takes we urge ACTORS to apply for casting, amateurs for other roles. The form is like a mixture of theater and film. We are seeking, individual actors or/and theater groups consisting of min 2 people. Please apply as an individual, but you can upload both types of tapes, one with you alone and one with you together with 1+ person (to your individual account). Upload two types of tapes; FIRST:  a monologue based on cast directions you receive once you have applied. SECOND: one tape where you INTERACT with others in the scene and respond to a dramatic interruption. Length of types (1-2 min max!). The second tape can also be done in a group. Also please inform in presentation if you also upload a video with somebody else. We are filming TBC in 2023 but will do casting process through out the next months. 


Register in the category you fit into – see under.

Experience in acting or music is preferable.

 After you have registered, you will receive a link (check spamfilter) and you will use this link to upload an updated photo of yourself and a small presentation video. For the photo and presentation film, use a neutral background – a little step out from the wall, framing from the shoulder and up, straight from the front – so we can clearly see who you are.

You can film the presentation film with your mobile phone, use the same framing as the picture you took. Introduce yourself briefly: Name, age, about experience, about your interests. To help you a little, you will receive a PDF as soon as you have registered with some instructions.

Length of the presentation: 1-2 min.





Alicia M. Eidesund
+47 924 40 178 – mark «The pub»

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